Social Media Management

As a social media manager, I regularly curate social content from our podcasts: episode cuts, bonus content, promo campaigns, stand up specials, etc. Ensuring growth and developing brand loyalty means having a strong focus on engagement, analytics, and strategy,

work flow

I mainly utilize Photoshop & Final Cut Pro X to deliver weekly content for static and video social posts. Many edits require both vertical and horizontal versions, as well as subtitles captions applied to each piece of content.

  • Organized Content Trees

    Staying organized is an important foundation for me to work efficiently. I currently utilize Dropbox, Asana, and ClickUp to manage my workflow
  • Thumbnail Creation

    I typically create 4+ versions of each social thumbnail to ensure proper display for each of the various platform uses.
  • Editing

    I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to complete video edits, cutting together social clips, producing shows, cutting promotional spots, advertisements, and more.
  • Engagement

    Engaging with any fanbase is essential. When tasked, I do my best to provide meaningful engagement and conversation to feed brand loyalty and algorithmic glue.
  • Growth & Awareness

    There's a special sauce that goes into making consistent viral clips; a formula that, to be honest, is constantly changing. I do my best to stay informed on current trends growth tactics.